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History of Deeper Life Ministries Inc. USA

Our Journey

Deeper Life, "the life of the Spirit" was conceived by revelation and inspiration born into the spirit of Reverend Mother Naomi Hale. The sessions began in the early 60s. Mother Hale was a teacher's teacher fostering many in the Five-Fold Ministry. After her death, Evangelist Judith Howard, a 1986 graduated, was inspired to take this teaching to the masses.

In the summer of 1991, Chief Apostle Howard organized Worldwide Deeper Life Ministries, Inc. USA (now known as Deeper Life Ministries Inc., USA). Classes were established all over the country. Since its conception thousands have heard and were blessed by the message of "Deeper Life in Jesus Christ". This work has birthed men and women of God and ministries all around the world.

Our Journey

Since Chief Apostle Howard's death, thru Apostolic Succession, Chief Apostle Dr. Kenneth J. McEastland has committed to taking this work to the next level. Under his administration, we have established delegations in both Illinois and Kentucky; we have a Nation-wide Intercessory Prayer Line entitled "Commanding Your Mornings" that meets every Monday and Thursday Mornings from 7 - 8 AM (CST). We have a Foreign Mission Division and the Deeper Life Bible Institute. We offer Deeper Life Mini Awareness Seminars in your location. We’ve established a website and Facebook page. We also have a Deeper Life Ministers Support Group. This is just a few of many works initiated for the ministry. Chief Apostle McEastland’s desire is to bring about order to the 5-fold and a spirit of excellence to ministries all over the world.

Future goals are to establish affordable online classes; develop a Deeper Life channel on YouTube, featuring various speakers and functions of Deeper Life; establishing new delegations in other areas and planting churches in parched places.